Bodies in Motion

Fri., June 27 - Sun., Oct. 26


Featuring Photography by:

Stacey Schofield and
Casey Harris


Bridge Art

Bridging Art and Science is a linear exhibit space located on Exploration Place’s indoor bridge, and features local artist pieces that illustrate the intermingling of art and science. Artists will debut their works three times each year during a family-friendly Final Friday opening event.

Bodies in Motion
Find the physics in these live-action shots of the Wichita Skateboarding Society.

For example: 

  • Benihana Sequence - As the skateboarder rolls up a ramp his body’s center of gravity always follows a smooth arc down, with gravity being the only force acting on it (keeping him on the board).
  • Indy Grab Off Ramp - When performing this move, the skateboarder crouches down mid-air to grab the front of the skateboard with his hand, while his feet apply constant and careful pressure on the board, to keep from falling. The skateboarder is using momentum to get into the air (momentum that increased from riding the pipe), but at the same time, center of gravity/balance is helping him stay with the board.

About the Photographers
Harris received her first camera (Canon Rebel) when she was 18 years old and she has avidly been taking photos ever since. She is a student at Wichita State University majoring in Studio Arts/Photography. Harris’ favorite photography “subjects” are the skateboarders performing tricks. Her goal is to own a studio and teach others the art of photography.

Schofield is a freelance artist with Little Blackbird Design and serves as an instructor for Pixel Time, a local organization that offers computer classes for children and adults. In addition to this, Schofield works with Arts Partners to bring arts into the K-12 curriculum, sharing her skills as a graphic designer, digital photographer and member of Arts Partners’ Immersive Game Design team.

Included with general museum admission. Free for members.

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